How to Choose an Area Rug

By September 30, 2019Rugs
Living Room Area Rug

Putting together all of the details of your home can be a lot of fun, but there are certain items that need to be considered when you’re putting an area rug in your home. Finding the right area rug for your space is less about the color scheme that you choose and more about finding the right size, shape and style that will complement your home and your other decor. Rugs that are too small can make your room seem to shrink and the wrong style of rug for your space could cause it to fray much more quickly than you expected, too.

Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Space

Not too big, not too small — you need an area rug that is just right for your space. Designers suggest utilizing an area rug to set the boundaries in your room, and that means ensuring that the rug is large enough that at least the front legs of the furniture are incorporated into the space.

Layer Rugs to Expand Your Real Estate

Full-size rugs may be more expensive than your budget can handle, so think about buying a larger, inexpensive rug and then layering on the style that you want to showcase.

Using the Best Rugs for Your Space

In a dining room, you’ll want to allow at least two feet on each side of your table for your area rug. Kitchen rugs should be kept six inches away from the cabinets and you should definitely consider padding or a non-slip backing for your rugs for safety. Bedroom rugs can make an awesome focal point for your space and adding a textured rug to your entryway adds dimension to your space.

Selecting an area rug does take a little time, effort and thought and it definitely shouldn’t be the last purchase for your room. Consider purchasing your area rug first and then finding other items that will fit with the style to really make an impact. Find out more about choosing your ideal area rug by calling The Carpet Collection at 716-433-9377 or via email to