How to Choose the Perfect Hardwood Floor

By February 18, 2020Hardwood

Hardwood Floor

There’s nothing quite like the warmth associated with a stunning hardwood floor, but the options are near-endless! From the finishes and colors to finding just the right variety of wood that will hold up to your activity level, selecting hardwood flooring requires a bit of research. The payoff is fantastic — decades of wear with very limited maintenance required. Here’s what you need to know before you check out your local flooring destination.

Is an Engineered or Solid Hardwood Floor Right for You?

There are pros and cons for both engineered or solid hardwood, but a general rule of thumb is to select natural (solid) hardwood if you are expecting a great deal of traffic on your floors. Solid hardwood can stand up to sanding and refinishing for years, while engineered hardwood is the best option if you live in a damp area as it will not warp.

Select a Type of Wood for Your Hardwood Floor

While there are 5-10 different types of wood that you can consider for your hardwood floor, there are considerations for each. Specifically, you’ll want to think about the level of durability that you need, the color or style that you’re interested in and ultimately — the cost. Some of the best options for heavy traffic are hickory, maple and oak as the wood itself is extremely durable. Softer woods such as walnut, cherry, birch or ash tend to be more expensive but might add exactly the look you need for your home.

Don’t Forget to Budget for Installation

While hardwood may seem like the perfection option for a weekend DIY, but only if you purchase pre-finished flooring. To truly make your hardwood flooring glow, you will need the high-powered sanders and finishing available by working with qualified professionals on your installation.

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