Styling a Room Using Carpet as the Foundation

By November 20, 2019Carpet

Living Room Carpet

What do you want guests and family members to feel when they walk into your home? Whether you’re looking to provide a warm welcome or a cool and sophisticated look, the flooring that you select is often the foundation of your design look and feel. Choosing a new carpet or flooring provides you with an opportunity to dramatically reframe your space, to ensure that you’re communicating your character to everyone walking through your doors.

Creating Coherent Design Schemes

Does it feel a bit disconnected when you walk between rooms in your home? Even if different rooms have their own unique color scheme, a consistent flooring design can help pull together the look to dial in the flow of energy between your rooms. Your flooring store experts can help you determine the right solutions for your flooring needs based on the current looks you already have incorporated in your home.

Zoning in Your Rooms

Large, open rooms often have a variety of “zones” that can have a slightly different look or feel while maintaining a few consistent components such as flooring. These zones are often used to delineate living spaces, such as providing a slight separation between cooking and eating spaces for your family. Starting with the largest component — your carpeting or other flooring options — allows you to pull together various colors for the walls, ceiling, appliances and countertops to create the overall look that you will love.

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