The Carpet Collection Offers Professional Cleaning by Flooring Experts

Carpet Cleaning

Are your floors looking a bit dingy and dirty from a full summer and fall of fun in the sun? It doesn’t take long to notice that there are some smears on your carpet or grout on your tile floor that is looking a bit grim. Looking at your home, it can feel a bit overwhelming to tackle this large of a project by yourself. Fortunately, the team at The Carpet Collection offers professional cleaning by experts you can trust with your flooring. Keep your flooring looking new and fresh by blasting away grime and soil from even the dirtiest of areas.

What’s the Ideal Floor Cleaning Schedule for Hard Floors?

Most experts recommend mopping your hard floors no less than every week or two — and much more on your kitchen floors. Maintaining this schedule might knock off the worst of the mess, but you’ll find that there are grungy little corners or spots that are difficult to manage. This is where floor cleaning experts can step in with their advanced tools and techniques to quickly rid your flooring of those messy spots and help refresh the overall look of your home. You might only need this intensive level of floor cleaning once or twice a year to remove buildup and any caked-on dirt that’s hidden from your weekly mopping.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Carpets?

Carpets are truly the dust collectors of your home, filtering out all of the harmful irritants and trapping them within the fibers of your flooring. Every time you walk through your home, you’re essentially releasing this dust and other particles from their storage spot and re-launching them into the air before they ultimately settle again. This endless cycle can only be broken by deep cleaning of your carpets, which is recommended every 12 – 18 months or sooner.

When you’re ready to upgrade your flooring, check out all the options available from The Carpet Collection in Lockport, NY. From hardwood flooring to carpet, stone and vinyl, you are sure to find the ideal look and finish for your unique project. The professionals at The Carpet Collection are available to help with everything from flooring to area rugs, allowing you to decorate your home with confidence. Contact us at 716-433-9377 for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation today.