The Top 10 Decorating Trends of 2019

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Understanding the latest home decorating trends is essential for us. Not only does this knowledge help in making sure our store is stocked with the types of products and designs the homeowner is seeking, it allows our staff to service our customers in a professional, helpful manner. To help you get a better understanding of today’s top decorating trends, we at CarpetsPlus Color Tile®, would like to pass along the following top 10 trends as identified by the design experts at Hunter Douglas and offer tips on how to achieve a more on-trend decor without you having to take out a second mortgage.

  1. Comfortable and cozy. In tough times, more than ever, people want their homes to be a sanctuary- soft, serene, private and relaxing. A few down-filled pillows and some soft rugs can add comfort to any room. Window fashions are key to achieving privacy. If noise is a problem, fabric window coverings offer significant sound absorption to add to the serenity of your home. They also help keep the cold out and warm air in, thus helping to reduce energy costs.
  2. The modern mix. Clean, contemporary furnishings remain popular but now mixed with traditional and organic elements. A contemporary glass coffee table looks fine placed in front of a soft, curvy sofa. Natural, organic elements – bamboo, cork, wool – add warmth to contemporary décor.
  3. Personal chic. Consumers want their homes to be all about them. Use this individuality to help them create a truly personal environment. Don’t be afraid to mix an inherited piece of furniture with art collected in travels.
  4. A more colorful world. According to Jaime Stephens, Color Marketing Group’s executive director, purple is king right now, ranging from grayed-out violet to plum purple. Other color trends include “blue as the new green” with ocean and sky blues being especially desirable. While the interest in green as in the environment is strong, as a color it is winding down with the exception of the deeper hues, such as a mature leaf green. Also, look for other natural colors from the garden such as radish, tomato and eggplant. Yellow is becoming the main accent along with orange and turquoise.
  5. Light and airy. As homes become more colorful, more light is needed to illuminate a room, and nothing compares to natural light. Window fashions beautifully filter natural light as it enters the home to achieve a relaxed and serene atmosphere.
  6. Luxuriously green. With the growing awareness of saving energy, manufacturers of home décor products are developing furnishings that are both green and luxurious. As already noted, hand-woven fabrics as well as window fashions provide the type of decadent style consumers desire along with the energy conservation capabilities they need. When it comes to window fashions, Hunter Douglas Duette® shades have more air pockets than traditional honeycomb shades. When properly installed these can reduce heat loss and gain at the window by up to 50%, thus rewwering heating and cooling costs. EeoChoice® Flooring, available only at CarpetsPlus Color Tile®, offers a wide assortment of flooring such as carpet that can be recycled over and over into new carpet and EcoChoice® Hardwood that uses approximately 50% less newly forested wood in production than comparable 3/8” engineered hardwood.